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Miguel Telleria de Esteban

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Email: Miguel at mtelleria dot com
Joaquin Costa 19 1oB
39005 Santander, SPAIN
Tel: +34 942 277429
GSM: +34 650 801098

GPG/PGP Key:1C1765D2
Fingerprint: ECAC 9687 DAAC 1019 6056
71D4 1594 852F 1C17 65D2

Well, this new page is slowly coming up... If you want some professional updated information about myself, please check my LinkedIn profile

These are the main sections that I have in mind to add:

About this page...

  • Avant-propos
  • Services and tools used
  • Help wanted!!!

GNU/Linux switch

  • Planning
  • Using GNU EMACS
  • PERL
  • LaTeX
  • General development environment

For the curious...

  • Short Bio about myself
  • Curriculum Vitae


Página personal (mostly in Spanish)

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